We, Eplanet Pte Limited, take this opportunity to put forward an information for your kind attention. At this point of time we gladly reveal the announcement of 6th edition of Heritage Pageants 2023, an International pageant exclusively conceptualized for both the young and married women. This edition of Heritage pageants is scheduled for Thailand with the dates from 18 to 27 November 2023 at Thailand

Celebrating Heritage and Culture

Miss Heritage International is a unique platform where young ladies would take a step forward to explore their originality and identity through the norms and values of their culture, tradition, customs, art, language, ethnicity etc. This is not only the way to learn oneself but also to learn others globally and that is where one would be more effective in cross cultural communication. And as young aspirants they would understand the value of their culture and would initiate to take the responsibility to preserve and promote their understandings.
Heritage Pageants 2023 would be organized by Eplanet Pte Limited, Singapore. The organizing team is headed by Santosh Sapkota as the chairperson. For the event Mr. Rojin Shakya from Nepal would be the official choreographer while Wesley saw from Malaysia and Rojin Shakya from Nepal would jointly be hosting the event. The event would be coordinated by Susan Sanfurni Koh.
Headquartered at Singapore, Eplanet Pte Ltd is a one stop solution to plan memorable event moments globally. We provide our clients with our customized integrated in-house service portfolio that caters to all kinds of events. Eplanet has been in the pageantry scenario since 1999; achieved diversified events like musical and cultural events, award functions, expos, conventions and corporate events. Started as an event planning and management company, later ventured fully into beauty pageants and now it’s a name synonymous with local and international beauty pageant.
Heritage Pageants is an ultimate international beauty pageant that endeavors to promote Peace, Environment, Tourism, Culture and above all global Heritage (PETCH) from a global perspective. All because we believe, Without Peace, it will not be possible to achieve the levels of trust, cooperation and inclusiveness needed for societies to be resilient to shocks, manage disputes and adapt to changes in their environments. Environment plays an important role in healthy living and the existence of life on planet earth.
Tourism offers great opportunities for emerging economies and developing countries. It creates jobs, strengthens the local economy, contributes to local infrastructure development and can help to conserve the natural environment and cultural assets and traditions, and to reduce poverty and inequality.
In addition to its intrinsic value, Culture provides important social and economic benefits, culture enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities. Our Heritage provides clues to our past and how our society has evolved. It helps us examine our history and traditions and enables us develop an awareness about ourselves. It helps us understand and explain why we are the way we are.
Heritage Pageants brings beauty queens across various geographical backgrounds towards to a common platform.  It gives a life time opportunity to the delegates from the different corners of the globe with different cultural backgrounds to share, exchange, explore, experience and learn from one another. The event also fosters friendship, international understanding and goodwill amongst the delegates. It is an exclusive global platform to promote and foster the understanding of Heritage, Tourism, Culture, ethnicity, human values and Friendship through the event.
HERITAGE PAGEANTS is a beautiful journey that will take participants along from initiative to perfection. Before the culmination of the event, grooming sessions will be conducted to help participants bring out their true beauty that is a combination of virtue, intelligence and presence of mind. The event is designed for ladies of all nationalities from all over the world between the ages of 18 to 55 years AGE CATEGORIES: Miss Heritage International 18 – 27 Mrs. Heritage International 20 – 55


Mrs. Heritage International is a married woman between 20 – 50 years of age who would be taking the responsibility to be the role model for global married woman. She would be willing to dedicate a year of her life as the sole representative for promoting heritage conservation. She acts as a role model for today’s married woman and a spokeswoman for Heritage Pageants.
Mrs. Heritage International is a unique platform would be the opportunity to promote today’s married women, their achievements and commitment towards family, marriage and children. This would be another way to prove and explore the possibility, potential and personality of a married woman from another dimension. Through this platform, the married woman can harness the unacknowledged potential that they possess and bring out their individuality and renew self-love.


Miss Heritage International is a young lady between 18 and 28 years of age and a person of high moral standing willing to dedicate a year of her life as the sole representative for promoting heritage conservation. She acts as a role model for today’s youth and a spokeswoman for Heritage Pageants.

Journey of Heritage pageants

The inaugural edition Miss Heritage International 2014 had 12 delegates from various countries of the World. The event took place at Kathmandu, Nepal on 5th of December 2014. Hla Yin Kyae from Myanmar succeeded to wear the winning crown of Miss Heritage international 2014.

The second edition of the pageant took place at New Delhi, India on 12th of December 2015 in a grand way at Ashoka Country Resort in New Delhi, India. The event saw girl hailing from Vietnam Victoria Pham wear the tiara of Miss Heritage International 2015. In the inaugural edition of Mrs. Heritage International 2015, Rajani Thapa from Nepal bagged the title awards.

The 3rd edition of Heritage pageants was been concluded on 9th December 2016 at Sri Lanka. The finale of the event was conducted near by the Beruwala beach side at Sri Lanka came to the end finalizing Jenelle Thongs from Trinidad & Tobago as the winner of Miss Heritage International 2016. Likewise, Hillary Makaya from Zimbabwe took away the title award of Miss Teen Heritage International 2016 while Jade Peddle Pyi from Myanmar was crowned as Mrs. Heritage International 2016. This year Heritage pageants had its inaugural edition for Mister Heritage International, where Tshepiso Khumalo from South Africa was been awarded as Mister Heritage International 2016.

The 4th edition of Heritage pageants was been completed on 16th of February 2019 at Singapore. In grand coronation conducted at Uncle Ringo Kindness Carnival, Beauty World, Singapore; Gulbano Madiyarova kissed the title awards of Miss Heritage International 2019. In the event Vidhya Kiran Ghare from India topped as Mrs. Heritage International 2019.

The 5th edition of Heritage Pageants was hosted at Mega Star Arena at Viva Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 18th of November 2022, Miss Russia Anna Kirillina was been crowned as Miss Heritage International 2022. Her court included Miss Mongolia Khuslen Bayarpat as first runners-up, Miss Indonesia Chalifah Fabriana as second runners-up, Miss Latvia Alina Safronova as third runners-up and Miss Malaysia Joyce Lim as forth runners-up.
In the event Mrs. Thailand Fontip Sriwaranyoo was crowned as Mrs. Heritage international 2022. Her court included Mrs. Netherlands Kimberly Moens as first runners-up, Mrs. India Gauri Ashok Thorat as second runners-up, Mrs. India as second runners-up, Mrs. Singapore Corrine Lim as third runners-up and Mrs. Philippines Cristhel Fraulein Bulabon as forth runners-up.


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